I was overly excited for this episode. Honestly, we were kept wating for too long haha. I was a bit dissappointed in some areas though, of course the story line is great still and I love seeing the boys each week on screen, but it's a pity there wasn't more angel related stuff going on; I was really looking forward to seeing more of Castiel again >.< 

It was weird to see Tess back again, back in 2x1 I really didn't like her for trying to take Dean away..I guess shes kind of grown on me I guess.

The tweleve year old, god i loved him. Its so upsetting when anything to do with young people dying. I lol'd so hard when he slapped Dean though. Fuck, that was great.

Hey, what is with all the seedy actors playing Alistiar? I mean, okay yes he's meant to be a freak and an ass and all..but come on, those guys where both sooooo seedy. Looked like major pedo's haha

I can't wait for the next episode. THAT, will be the big one..I can feel it haha

I wish Sam would stop using his powers. I understand that its vital to the plot line and everything but it doesn't stop me from having a bitch about it. 

Now I just have to wait one more week for more SPN >.<