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I'll probably never get around to uploading those photos I got with Misha and Jensen. I don't like how I look in them, but it was so worth every cent I spent on that day.

Okay so to begin with Quinn and I got lost around the city looking for the venue, and then we also got lost on campus haha. It was raining like crazy too >.<

Most of the people there were middle aged women and occasional there were a few guys hanging around too. Whereas when it came to the young people there weren’t many of them but the dedication from them varied; seeing as most of the VIP tickets where owned by those slightly scary yet still lovely older women.

I noticed on a few occasion that people where literally writing fan fiction on the spot, and to be honest I was really shocked. I also learned from other girl that she had gone to the comiccon in L.A o_O jesus talk about devotion.

Jensen and Misha photos where first and were crammed into this tiny little corner around the side, Misha facing us. Misha was lovely, he was sweet and funny..and god he spelt good too. I could hardly speak, but I was totally polite and shook his hand and everything. My photo was ickk but normally my photos are with anyone I remotely want to look good with – epic sigh –

I didn’t have a Jared or Jensen photo or autograph..they had sold out before I got a chance to purchase one..I was so bummed but as we sat in the auditorium watching episodes from season four the hostess got up to announce that the first ten people to the reception desk where able to purchase photos with Jensen..I was out of my seat before she even got two words out; literally. Quinn and I managed to score photos with Jensen, but unfortunately not Jared which sucked because I really wanted a chance to get to say something to him. Jensen was great, he had to sit on a stool because he was so tall compared to everyone else haha; he has a lot more scruff then usual at the moment as well, it looked great. Jared also had his own beard thing going which of course was quiet unusual seeing him with any hair on his face at all but it looked great none the less.

Misha’s talk was fucking hilarious; I knew he would be funny, but I didn’t realize how funny. He was so open with us all and was constantly cracking shit at the other guys, to the point where he said something about Jared getting plastic surgery to make him look pretty and Jared burst out of the door and started throwing fantails (lollies) at him. Then there was the autograph session and at the time I only had an autograph with Misha which was still good :D I got him to sign this picture I drew to which he thought was awesome and commented on how ‘shameful’ the figure in it was for being half nude. Then there was lunch to which Quinn and I returned to the auditorium to watch more season four.

THEN JARED CAME OUT AND DID HIS TALK! Again, hilarious and my god I love that boy so much its crazy. I managed to slip him something I wrote to him and well I guess all the guys during autographs..I hope he read it..he said he would, and he seemed very greatful for it and thank me like crazy. Then Jensen came and gave his talk which was wonderful of course , they all gave such great answers to all of the questions, I’m so glad I’ll have it on dvd eventually. Jared came back on stage after that bringing his lollies with him which he then proceded to peg at anyone who asked a question directed to Jensen opposed to him, along with that he fitfully kicked his chair over a few times  and used it as some sort of a weapon.

I must say that it’s simply amazing as to how well they get on with each other. They practically finish each other’s insults; all which happened to relate back to Misha for some reason haha. After many  more questions which my mind is too frazzled to remember at this current time Misha came back on stage to which both Jared and Jensen were given blank t-shirts to draw all over to which Misha would then auction off for charity. We were told that the day before Jensen autioned off his own shirt for $4100, and today both shirts were sold for $3000 each, Jared’s saying “I gave all my money to chariety” and Jensen’s “I’m with stupid” with a fitful arrow drawn on it pointing to the location to which Jared was in.

Along with that we had the image of believe it or not..but Misha mounting Jared...yes girls..thats right. I don’t have a picture of it but I’m sure someone else does. Jared was wearing his shirt and whipping his sweat over it in hope to entice the ladies more to bidding on it, to which he then asked Misha to sign it by bending over and slowly backing into his crotch, Jensen then exclaiming “I’m not a part of this, I don’t know either of them.”

I then managed to get myself an autograph with both Jared and Jensen who were both very lovely as usual before Quinn and I proceeded to leave the venue and mope and reminisce all the way home...and still now.

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