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Random Blogging; not really what you would call productive, but nether less it gave me something to do. Perhaps I'll eventually start some kind of frenzy and I'll be able to write that book I've always wanted to; lol not likely.

Ambition, ambition, ambition.

There comes many a time where we’ll search to find something, anything; that will give us the extra push to do something creative and extraordinary. I can tell you all too well, just as many other girls out there will agree with me on this; that I’ve felt exactly like a ‘big fish in a small pond’.  I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly what gives me that rush, that excitement, and most importantly that edge to find something new and exciting to get started on, but I have an idea. I find that a lot of the time, some of the simplest ideas can truly create something amazing.

Post secret is an ongoing art project which is the perfect example of something small created on a whim of ambition that has turned into something incredible. The project itself involves the inclusion of thousands of postcards in which are sent from people all over the world. These post cards send to the one address of Frank Warren (the creator of the project) in anonymity and bear the secrets of whom they were sent from.

Over the years Warren has acquired over thousands of post cards, all telling secrets of different natures; some funny, some heartbreaking, and some just downright stupid.  Since then, several books have been published under the post secret name, filled with the secrets of that of the people that surround us. Along with this, there is also the touring post secret show and the ‘Saturday Secrets’ which are posted on the post secret blog ever Saturday.

This simple idea has brought together the hearts and minds of thousands of people around the world. I myself have been brought to tears many a time by some of the heartbreaking stories about love, loss, and suicide. Although then occasionally its quite the opposite as some of the secrets have me laughing for hours and give me hope for another day.

If anything this project has done, it has urged me to think about the people surround me. I never really considered another person’s life story other then my own before. We all have interesting stories to tell, some funny and some sad, we’ve all had embarrassing moments; from your math teacher to the little old lady who lives down the road. Sometimes we’re so swept up in our own pain or happiness to notice the people around us who are going through the exact same things.  It saddens me think that I’ll never know the real stories behind some of these secrets, but it also encourages me to get to know the people that surround me. Who would have ever thought that the simple idea of secrets on postcards could have turned into such an amazing thing?  I would have never guessed it surely.

It makes me wonder what began this idea, was it a simple rush of ambition that filled Frank Warren one evening, or was it the process of complicated and well thought out ideas that lead him to one of the simplest of conclusions? I would have to say I believe it to be the first in honesty. We’ve all had moments where we’ve come up with something special and done something unique; whether it that we came up with a new painting idea for art class or we thought of the next way we were going to edit and change our myspace page.

When I see some of the postcards sent in it makes me learn about myself more then anything else. I question myself, how many times have I felt like this myself? And ‘could I ever do that?” What does everyone else have to say about it?

This project inspires me; it gives me the ambition i need to think about my own future and to try and come up with something just as amazing as this project. While I may still feel like a big fish in a little pond I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get over that bridge and I’ll be able to reach my full potential. The secrets of the people that surround me are what give me that edge, that motivation and that rush to make a difference, so now you know my secret, now you know where my ambition comes from; where does yours?

Less is more, thinking small is thinking big and reaching for the stars makes everything seem possible.

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