Was a while ago but I never got a chance to upload the photos and say anything about it.

We didn't get to talk to the guys as much as we would have liked, but when we did they were great fun. I ended up having to help them learn how to do the Nut Bush lol (for all you non australians, it's a dance) Kellan is the biggest ladies man, but he wasn't cheesy or anything, he was nothing short of charming.

The night wasn't what I expected it to be. Having been a week after ahbl, it was kinda hard to top anything at the time, and frankly it still is.Although I still wish I had managed to sell my ticket, I still had a good night. Great fun getting dressed up and getting photos. I'm not much of a fan of the movie as I was the books though. I love going to dances and stuff but fuck by the end of it I was totally dead; I kicked off my heels half way through.

When it comes to going places with my friends, we're hard to miss. We're the girls who scream the loudest and request the most stupid songs to dance to, we move like no one is watching, and make idiots of ourselves in front of I guess what you would call 'famous people.' We'll burst into random talk about porn, slash, or some form of gay sex and yell out crude words or simply scream for no reason. Some people find us annoying, but everyone else who has actually talked to us knows its all just in good fun.I love my friends, there's nothing else to say about it..