The One In Which Castiel Doesn't Fall (NC-17)

This is how Castiel's love story goes. In all honestly, anything by this woman is amazing; so if you adore this ship you should check everything she's written.

Tea (PG-13)
Being an angel is a lot like any other job in the universe. Long hours, bad pay, not enough vacation time and that one person at the office who you’re really not meant to fall for.
The first part in a series of beautiful one-shots in which Castiel learns of love, friendship, and food. Links to others found at the bottom the first

The Poetry of the Senses (R)                                                                                  
But for Dean it is the imperfections that Castiel looks for, the little things, and he knows that it is the prelude to the Fall. When Dean calls, Castiel will come. R for sex and swearing.

White and Drifted Snow (PG)                                                                                
“Okay – so we've both been thrown out,” Dean said after a moment, “we might as well make the best of it.”
Castiel learns the pleasures of weather. – Cute and  fluffy one shot.

The Sins of the Falling (R)                                                                                           
Falling doesn't feel like a sin, not really.
The days before Castiel falls – beautifully written.

All Souls and Angels (Adult)                                                                                 
"Sure all you want is speaking, Castiel?"
Castiel learns of human needs, while Dean learns of heaven and it’s wonders. – Wonderful dialogue and interactions between the two.

Pater Noster (NC-17)                                                                                               
“Our Father, who art in Heaven…”
Short but incredibly steamy.

Thorn in Your Side [ R - gen]                                                                                 
Now that it's out in the open, Dean can’t stop picking at it. The lack of Dean/Castiel is made up with the heart wrenching tale of how Dean tries to cope with himself and the thing’s he’s done.

The Weight of the World (R)                                                                                  
Drunk-dialing an angel. 
A friendship develops after a drunken night and early afternoon trip to mcdonalds. – R for language.

Where All Paths Lead (R)                                                                                    
Castiel will fall in love with Dean, and Uriel is the first to know.
A beautiful assortment of fic’s which will leave you feeling content, and due to the porny outtakes provides, probably very frustrated (in a good way)

More to follow soon.

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